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What is Elishacoy ?


Elishacoy is a European styled clean and refined esthetic brand that seeks for well-being life and spiritual abundance, and modern sense and intends to make an individual grow his/her own lifestyle healthily and elegantly.

Elishacoy is a highly dignified organic skincare that maximizes the skin self-survival ability since it was mainly made of herb extracts called ‘ the essence of botanical healing’ and fully contains natural aroma extracted from 100% of natural essential oil.

All-natural cosmetics brand Elisha Coy (Korea) may be a young company but it is the First Korean company to export BB cream to Japan in Year 2007. Japanese Customers’ responses to Elisha Coy BB cream has been really wild. Japanese buyers have conducted blind tests of a few Korean products, including Elisha Coy, on themselves and Elisha Coy’s BB cream was Rated Superior to others!

Pleasant Abstinence! Elishacoy

How can we make the skin of modern women, who have much stress, light and cool? This is a little motive for giving a birth of Elishcoy and a core motive for developing main story. Elishacoy enhances functions of products and simultaneously we developed the high level of process for delivering lightness like a feather in a sense of use and texture.

Elishacoy used plants of highest level of qualities, Western herbs extratcs, and Oriental various traditional and natural resources to recombine them by the mordern cutting edge process on of Elishacoy‘s own for aims to soothe the skin that became sensitive resulted from various troubles, and esolve the critical skin problem such as whitening, wrinkle inprovement and pore care.

Phyto & Aroma Theraphy ~!

All products of Elishacoy enable skin itself to grow the self-survival ability far from transitory improvement, by using the plant’s pharmacological action (phyto therapy), and applied the aroma action of the essential oil(natural oil) obtained from various naturals plants such as organic herbs, fruits etc, in order to help humans have stable physical, mental and psychological states (Aroma therapy).


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